We all know the saying “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover”, but in reality, the first impression is as vitally important. It is those first few seconds where a potential customer will scan your company, your products or your image by looking at the design and the contents.

Adapting our creative designed literature, our customer’s business will stand out from the crowd of the competitors and establishing itself with a distinct lasting impressions and powerful message represented by good image. Our design differentiates customer’s product and services enabling a sustainable advantage to help in commanding a better premium price, gaining great market share and even reducing production costs.

In order to optimize packaging, product appearance especially point-of-sale, advertising and further media, DESIGN is key ingredient of success. In summary, design helps our customers to sell efficiently, to deliver effectively and to understand the important message of any potential customers. Hence, it will lead to customer loyalty that includes profit sustainability.

Our design services covers:
• Business Card   • Calendar   • Brochure   • Leaflet   • Flyer   • Postcard   • Pushcard   • Invitation Card   • Banner   • Bunting   • Signage   • Backdrop
• Pocket Folder File   • Product Label/Packaging   • Newsletter   • Catalog   • Booklet   • CD/DVD Cover/Label/Packaging   • Ticket   • T-Shirt
• Web Banner   • Vehicle Graphic   • Mascot   • Non-Woven Bag   • Premium   • Paper Bag

GA-Bird Nest | Packaging

GA-Bird Nest | Packaging

Fresco Mini Harmonica | Label

Marvi Marshmallow - Packaging

Ovit Cereal Bar | Packaging

PA Food Sdn Bhd | Sticker Design

Wing Fatt Machinery | Kiosk Design

PA Food Sdn. Bhd. | Booth - Backdrop

Exhibition Booth Design

PA Food Sdn Bhd | Apron

PA Food Sdn Bhd | Polo Shirt

ColourSky | E-commerce

Wang Maju | Webpage | QR Code Design

Freco Music | FB CoverPhoto

Ubermen Malaysia | FB Apps

Follow Me | FB Apps

nanowhite |FB Apps

Mobile Development

We offer comprehensive solution for your Mobile Application Development.

iPhone Application Development
We provide various alternatives for application development on the highly popular Apple iPhone platform, ranging from simple games to advanced applications. We provide a complete and integrated process covering development, testing, debugging, and promotion of all your iPhone applications.

Android Application Development
We develop advanced mobile applications such as location-based tools, travel guides, games, and utility applications using Android, an operating system for mobile devices. We develop smart mobile applications to cater to various industries and aspects like pharmaceuticals, sales force automation, entertainment, games etc.

Trans Edventure | Facebook Management

Coloursky | Facebook Management

QR code Design Wedding Card

PA Food Sdn Bhd | Bunting and Promotion Counter

Fresco Harmonica Ensemble | Bunting

Wing Fatt Machinery | Road Show Brochure

GA Bird Nest | Brochure

Trans Kembara Travel & Tours | Brochure

Fresco Music | Harmonica Brochure

TK Travel-Beijing Tour | Flyer

Fresco Music | Flyer

Trans Kembara Travel & Tours | Flyer

PA Food Spring Roll | Flyers

TK Travel-Belum Package | Flyer

Web & Online Media

Web Development
The competitive advantage of the nations for the corporate sectors can be achieved by adopting the internet marketing strategies. As a marketing-based design agency, we will conduct feasibility studies on the company’s marketing plans and objectives and to provide proper advice on reshaping the marketing agendas for better results through internet marketing approach.

We possess the necessary resources such as time, talents and creativity to build a long lasting and convincing first impression for any customers who demand a positive mindset to acquire any top grades products and services. Our web marketing solution is built to ensure contact details are made visible at all times, information search is easily accessible and to build a robust traffic driven website for achieving incremental sales results.

Online Media
Since internet was founded, the convergence of internet and media was made possible and has blended excellently. It has quickly become a broadcasting channel in addition to the existing media on television, radio and newspapers. The Internet also offered the perfect public tribune for everyone to share their opinion on the current news. Today, online media is one of the top news sources, bringing news to a huge audience base.

Other value added online media development services include social network, forums, blogs, image galleries and video portals.

走向世界的西藏牧童 | Poster

Highland Harmonica 2009 | Poster

TK Travel & Tours | Redemption Voucher

Fresco Chrismas Concert | Poster

Graduation Recital | CD Label

Fresco Music | Official Receipt

TK Travel Beijing Tour | Voucher

Concert Ticket

Eyedo Optical Mart | Billboard

Fresco | Billboard

OYA Stationery | Signage | Bunting & Banner

Malaysia Harmonica Society

UW Publishers | Corporate Identity

BPO Business House | Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is the iconic global image for any businesses. Business image can be represented by a corporate logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, catalogue, and websites. Hence, it will lead to the creation of a business trust, a solid branding, and the customers’ perception of the businesses. Corporations should incorporate a clear direction for a well-defined identity to remain competitive among their fellow partners and well distinguished players in the marketplace.

Corporate identity has always been a key role in the reception of a company in the marketplace. Consumers seek out to select favourable and well-known brands. A company with a strong identity can attract and retain more customers. It can also build up associations with that identity to make members of the public view it in a positive way.

JS Century | Namecard

WorldWide Magazine Services Sdn Bhd | Namecard

Monavie | Business Card

Am Leisure Media | Business Card

Business Card


E-Commerce simply means that you use internet as a platform to sell products and services online. It helps today businesses to expand without imposing huge capital as traditional commerce. Although traditional commerce is more straightforward and inter-personal approach, E-commerce is more beneficial in terms of space, storage capacity of data, speed of communication and the distance in which it can be communicated. E-Commerce makes trade global, not just regional.

We advise, design, develop, train and assist you to manage your e-commerce website and we believe the effectiveness of adopting e-commerce will bring great fortune to your businesses!

Business Card

Promotional Card

Privilege Card Design


Hotel Access Card

Pocket Calendar

Wing Fatt Machinery | Logo

Malaysia Harmonica Society | Logo

UM Publishers | Logo

BSC Sport Club | Logo

ColourSky | Logo

Fresco Harmonica | Logo

Fantasy Highland Harmonica 2010 | Logo

Trans-Edventure Camp | Logo

UW Publisher | Logo

Sri Packers | Logo

HEER Agency | Logo

Vookle | Logo

Highland Harmonica Festival 2009 | Logo

金马仑高原国际口琴节2009 | Logo

Fresco Music | Character Design









Label Design

Magazine Design

Magazine Cover Wrap & Ads

育中遊舞情 | Booklet

Fresco Music Book

Fresco Music | Music Books

TechAge Magazine

AmLeisure Certificate

PA Food Sdn Bhd | Truck


Pandotive Design is “marketing-based” design agency instead of “operation-based”. We offer creative marketing services to empower customer with new advertising and promotional ideas.

We emphasise on aesthetics designs and creative ideas enabled us to be differentiated amongst other agencies in the industry. We strive to increase our customers’ business values through knowledge sharing and skills transfer to our customers.

Our services are exclusively design to exceed all customers’ expectations while meeting the needs and leveraging the resources of our respected customers. We ensure our customers value our services that are affordable, accessible, creative, practical graphic design artwork and website development.

Growing together with the customers is our main objectives and philosophy.


Pandotive Design’s core competencies include both online and offline design services to our respected customers.

Offline Design Services

  • Design
  • Corporate Identity

Online Design Services

  • Web & Online Media
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Development

The value added services from Pandotive Design are copywriting, photography, videography, editing, marketing campaign outsourcing, and event management as to name a few.

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